The Alabama Graphics community is dedicated to protecting and enhancing the environment through our education, technology, vendor relationships, and administrative operations. We seek to encourage and support a community that is ecologically aware, environmentally friendly, and collaborative in thinking. Alabama Graphics incorporates environmentally responsible practices as fundamental and integrated components of all operations and programs.

The Alabama Graphics Fundamental Sustainability Principals

  • To provide cutting edge technology to the AEC industry that will assist in reducing time, energy, and waste.
  • To promote interoperable workflow practices which reduce environmental impact.
  • To seek alternative practices and procedures which minimize negative impacts on the environment.
  • To foster relationships with vendors who incorporate sustainability in their products and practices.
  • To educate our community to actively partake in green initiatives.

Taking "Green" up a notch

Alabama Graphics is committed to reducing our impact on the environment by embracing current technology. We offer alternative solutions to traditional processes that embrace the exchange of digital information clean and sustainable manner. These solutions provide a simple online approach to reduce time, effort, and waste across the lifecycle of any project.

Recycling Paper and Printing on Recycled Paper

Alabama Graphics offers a line of 30% post consumer waste bond paper and can print any copy job at the customer's request. Further, we recycle all in-house paper waste and have partnered with the United Cerebral Palsy of Greater Birmingham "Gone for Good" program for scheduled secure pickups and recycling of all waste paper. We also assure that all returned plans and specs from our customers are recycled using this process.

Low Carbon Footprint Equipment

Alabama Graphics offers a line of equipment that consumes far less energy during the copy and scan process as well as generate significantly less heat and emissions while standing idle than most engineering printing equipment in the field.