Service Spotlight: Vehicle Wraps

Custom_TruckJust about every person in the country travels in a vehicle every week either as a driver or a passenger. That’s why so many companies spend thousands of dollars on billboard advertising. You can reach a large audience in a very non-intrusive way that allows a company to build brand recognition and awareness at an accelerated rate.

But for businesses that may not have thousands to spend on a single billboard ad that stays up for a short period of time, there’s another option that can reach just as many people and be much more cost effective. Vehicle wraps for company sales, service and delivery vehicles are an extremely powerful branding and marketing tool. They demand attention and reach countless potential customers every single day of the week.

Adding graphics to your vehicles can be done in several ways. You can do full vehicle wraps, like the Faith Walkers Van below, or we could apply cut letters all over for a much faster install, with an even lower investment. Even just adding your logo, company name, website and/or phone number can look great and be extremely beneficial for driving business!

Here are a few other benefits of vehicle wraps that you may not have thought about before. Wrapped vehicles: 

  • Compliment any other advertising campaign that you may currently be running, such as radio or social media campaigns. When these campaigns run concurrently, a brand’s exposure is greatly enhanced.
  • Put your brand right in front of consumers while also providing the opportunity for direct customer contact through coupon distribution or sampling.
  • Increase awareness, brand recall and purchase behavior among consumers,  especially once they’ve repeatedly been reached by your brand.

There are so many ways your business can benefit from wrapped vehicles and exposing more consumers to your brand can do wonders for your bottom line. When applied and removed by professionals, they’ll even keep your company vehicles in better condition for when you need to trade them in or sell them.

If you’ve been trying to decide where to allocate your advertising budget in 2016, vehicle wraps are a foolproof way to go. Give us a call today to learn more!