Project Spotlight: The Schaeffer Eye Center Lorikeet Aviary Sign

We recently completed the Schaeffer Eye Center Lorikeet Aviary sign install at the Birmingham Zoo. Even more exciting is that two Herons at the Zoo have made their home right outside the fence. We created an A-frame for the Zoo so that the kids could get closer and look through some periscopes to see their nest.

The Zoo’s Schaeffer Eye Center Lorikeet Aviary is a wonderful place for both kids and adults to explore. The Aviary has more birds than ever! You can take a walk through and find yourself surrounded by colorful lorikeets and the sound of bird calls all around you. You even have the opportunity to hand-feed these beautiful birds with nectar and see their bright colors up-close. It’s definitely a place that the whole family should visit!

Here’s a look at the A-Frame we did for the Heron’s nest: