Improve Productivity with Onsite Facility Management

 If you’re in the AEC industry, do you think you’d benefit from having large and small format scanning, printing, and copying in the convenience of your own office?

Most in the industry would probably say yes.

Having onsite facility management can greatly increase productivity, and here at ALGX, our onsite services are the most customizable services we offer our customers in the AEC industry.

Each facility management relationship is built specifically for the clients’ needs. We supply the needed equipment, supplies and staff, if needed, and you have your own professional print department. Our main goal is to create the highest level of client satisfaction and internal improvements that help our customers be successful.

Here are just a few of the benefits of our onsite facility management program:

  • Job tracking and itemized billing. We track and itemize billing by project number or name.
  • Connection to existing AEC accounting software. This can greatly reduce your office overhead.
  • Flexibility. No two agreements are the same. We tailor a specific program that meets your needs.
  • No large capital outlay. We bill monthly based on usage.

Think your company can benefit from our onsite facility management program? Then contact us today to let us tailor a program that meets the demands of your company.