FAQ: What Products Are Best for Outdoor Use?


At Alabama Graphics, our DCX division strives to work with you to ensure that each element and decision of your printing project provides you with the highest quality results.

Possibly the most important decision of your printing project is deciding which material is right for you. Because some of our products are designed for outdoor use and others are intended for indoor use, it’s essential that you tell us where your graphic is being displayed and for how long. When manufacturing outdoor graphics, our DCX experts take into consideration the harsh temperature changes, moisture, humidity and UV exposure that outdoor graphics often endure.

Temporary Outdoor Graphics: If you need a product that can be displayed outdoors for a short period of time, a banner stand, flexible display or a basic banner may be right for you.

  • Banner Stands: Though banner stands are typically used indoors, they can also be displayed temporarily outdoors as long as they don’t get wet. Banner stands provide a portable signage solution, making them ideal for event signage.
  • Flexible Displays: Flexible displays are made with materials of higher performance requirements, such as Styrene and Sintra. Though flexible displays are waterproof, their outdoor lifespan depends on exposure to the elements. Be sure to consult us before choosing a flexible display for outdoor use.
  • Vinyl and Mesh Banners: Banners are a cost-effective way to temporarily advertise for your next big event. While they are not intended for long-term outdoor use, depending on where and how they are installed, you can extend the life of your banner. We can produce any number of banners, at virtually any size with every color possible.

Durable Outdoor Graphics: For graphic solutions that can endure the outdoor elements for an extended period of time, you can rely on backlit displays, vehicle graphics, floor graphics, wall graphics, window graphics, and of course, outdoor signage.

  • Backlit Displays: Most commonly used for lightbox displays, this waterproof product enables you to light up your message so people will see it just as clearly at night as they do during the day. Our DCX division can print directly onto Styrene, Polycarbonate or Plexi-Glass.
  • Vehicle Graphics: These graphics enable you to advertise for your business as you cruise through town. Whether you choose a complete car wrap, just your logo on the side panels, door magnets or window graphics, our vehicle graphics can help you spread the word about your brand.
  • Floor Graphics: You can use floor graphics to provide directional signage, promote your company, or advertise an upcoming event. The life span of floor graphics depends on the surface they’re applied to and the strength of the adhesive on the back. Let us know what you need, and we can help you find the best product.
  • Wall Graphics: Premium wall graphics offer a long-lasting adhesive and are covered with a protective lamination, which suits them for long-term outdoor applications. With wall graphics, you can make a big impact by turning any wall into an advertisement.
  • Outdoor Signage: Using Coroplast, PolyMetal or Alumacorr, we can create an outdoor sign to fit your needs. This graphic solution is often used for realtor signage, retail store front signs, commercial project signs and construction site signage. Our outdoor signage solutions are made to endure temperature changes, moisture, humidity and UV exposure.
  • Window Graphics: DCX offers several options that vary based on the desired duration of the graphic, sun exposure levels, product placement, and amount of coverage desired. Many customers use window graphics for their store name and hours, or to cover a window with full graphics or advertise a new promotion.

We’re happy to help you determine which graphic solution is best for your outdoor needs. Give us a call today for more information!

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