FAQ: What Products Are Best for Indoor Use?

Because indoor graphics are not directly exposed to harsh outdoor elements, most of the graphic solutions we offer are indoor-friendly. However, choosing the perfect product for your needs remains an important decision. Many factors determine what products work best for certain projects and occasions.

At Alabama Graphics, we are dedicated to delivering graphic solutions that fit your unique needs. Before deciding on a graphic solution, let us know what you need the graphics for, where they will be installed and how long you’d like to use them. With these details, we can help you make an informed decision.

Here are a few products we recommend for indoor use: 

  • Posters: Because they are a very affordable solution, posters are very popular. Common applications include point-of-purchase signage, retail store displays, directional signage and large interior window displays. We offer economy, standard and premium poster options. For instance, DCX’s premium poster application uses a sturdy backing that increases the strength of the poster and gives it a high-quality look. You can also choose to laminate your posters to increase their durability.
  • Presentation Boards: Presentation boards are typically used for one-time events, presentations, directional signage and meeting room signage. Often made with Foamcore, presentation boards are more delicate, which suits them for short-term use; however, they can be laminated to provide more protection and a higher-quality look.
  • Rigid Displays: If you’re looking for an indoor display with a long-term impact, a rigid display is the graphic solution for you. We use a rigid, non-flexible substrate with a wood-veneer surface, which prevents warping and dents and also has a nice clean edge giving it a high-end look. Rigid displays can be custom cut for an even more unique option.
  • Vinyl Banner & Banner Stands: Use vinyl banners and/or banner stands at your next grand opening, sales event, trade show or sporting venue. Like posters, banners are low-cost, but effective graphic solutions that can be used for short- or long-term periods indoors. DCX often creates banners for interior decor in large open spaces in buildings and shopping malls. They can also be rolled up and transferred with ease, which makes them perfect for point-of-purchase advertising and trade shows.
  • Giclee Prints: Looking to print and display a large family photo? Giclee prints are ideal for fine art digital printing because they provide the highest digital print with the most color detail. These high-end prints can be used for short- or long-term use indoors and have become a preferred print method for fine artists and photographers. Our Gallery version wraps your image around the sides for a frame-free look, and our Standard Giclee is thinner and can fit into a wall frame.
  • Floor Graphics: This graphic solution is commonly found on supermarket and retail store floors. Floor graphics can be used to advertise products or as directional signage without obstructing the aisles. To protect the graphics and your customers, DCX finishes its floor graphics with a skid-resistant over-laminate. These can also be used for short- or long-term periods indoors.
  • Wall Graphics: With custom wall graphics, you can turn any wall into an advertisement. To suit your needs, we offer two quality products for wall applications and have various textures in case you are looking for something unique. We offer a more temporary option that can be removed when needed, and a more permanent option, which is better suited for long-term use. Wall graphics are often used for interior store signage, lobby/hallway and office signage, as well as for personal residences.

Alabama Graphics’ DCX division wants to work with you to guarantee that each element of your printing project provides you with the highest quality results. Give us a call today, and we’ll help you determine the best indoor graphic solution for your needs!

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