FAQ: What NOT to Do Before Printing


Alabama Graphics is equipped to print all of your projects, but there are a few printing faux pas to avoid to ensure you receive the highest-quality finished product. Here’s what NOT to do before sending your project to our Print Department:

#1: Don’t procrastinate. 

Once you know you’re going to need the project printed, go ahead and give us a call. Submitting the project to Alabama Graphics the day before you need it threatens our ability to complete the project in time. The more time you can give us to complete a project, the more time we have to produce a high-quality, finished product.

#2: Don’t be uncertain of the details.

To help you decide on and print a fitting graphics solution, we need a few details from you. For instance, we need to know where the graphic is going, how long it will be displayed, how large the graphic needs to be, what surface the graphic will be mounted on, and your design/aesthetic goals. Be sure to know most of these details before giving us a call, so we can find the best graphics solution for your specific needs!

#3: Don’t provide us with the wrong type of image(s). 

In order to produce quality work, we need quality images. There are two types of images: Raster and Vector. Like photographs, Raster images consists of pixels, so they are affected by size, DPI and their format. Vector images, on the other hand, are mathematically based and can be scaled to any size– without losing any image quality. Learn more about the qualities of Raster and Vector images here.

#4: Don’t forget to properly prep your images for small- or large-format printing. 

Our team is happy to help with, or even design your projects, but many of our customers use their own design resources and send their projects straight to our Print Department. But, before sending your projects to the Print Department, be sure you have properly prepped your images. To learn how to prep your images for small-format printing, click here. If you’re prepping images for large-format printing, check out these tips.

By avoiding all of these printing “no no’s,” you’re guaranteed to receive a high-quality finished product! Give us a call today with any questions.

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