FAQ: How to Utilize eSuite



With eSuite, architects, engineers, contractors and construction managers alike can simplify project management. By eliminating unnecessary communications and printing, Alabama Graphics’ eSuite services can streamline public and private bidding processes. 

If you’re currently using email, fax, hardcopy or FTP sites to manage your projects, it’s time to consider utilizing eSuite.  Not only is it easy-to-use and packed with industry-leading capabilities, but it will also reduce printing costs, bid time and errors. Our eSuite service has three different components—eDistribution, OpCenter Build and OpCenter Share.


This component of eSuite is key to simplifying project management. It provides project managers, architects and contractors with easy access to essential documents anywhere and anytime. The secure Web server can host all of your images, contracts and videos while protecting them from corruption. Likewise, its user-friendly interface allows contractors to use their Alabama Graphics account or a credit card to order all the necessary documents to present a proposal for your project. Lastly, eDistribution allows you to notify multiple contractors and provide all the necessary information to begin the bidding process. Depending on your role in project management, eDistribution provides varying benefits. Learn more here.

OpCenter Build

As a SaaS solution for the AEC industry, OpCenter Build has the capabilities to expedite close-out delivery, reduce unnecessary project expenditures and improve stakeholder collaboration, which allows you to more effectively deliver projects on-time and on-budget. It’s mobile friendly, provides you with control over project permissions, and offers archiving and close-out capabilities.  OpCenter Build also provides your team with local Construction Information Managers (CIMs) that are skilled in document management, CDT certified and available to assist you throughout the project. Learn more about OpCenter Build here.

OpCenter Share

With OpCenter Share, a project centric file sharing solution, you can easily organize, share and track project files in the cloud. OpCenter Share allows for collaboration on files with all team members, including 3-D Revit models, photos, videos, plans and As-Built drawings. Users can also preview documents online without first downloading the entire file. In addition, OpCenter Share allows you to manage permission controls, access documents from anywhere, track activity on multiple projects, and keep your valuable information secure.  Learn more here.

Alabama Graphics’ eSuite can be your complete solution to construction information management. Give us a call today, and we’ll help you utilize this service.

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