FAQ: How to Manage Construction Information

For more than 52 years, Alabama Graphics has been serving Alabama construction and design professionals. We have evolved with the advances in technology and the needs of the industries to not only be a reprographic company but to also be the state’s premier design and construction information management resource. With this experience under our belt, we’re excited share the answer to the frequently asked question, “How can we effectively manage construction information?”

Fortunately, with today’s technology, the answer is pretty simple: Utilize Alabama Graphics’ eCommunication (OPT-Center Build) service.

Because eCommunication was designed by AEC companies and built by experts in construction workflow, you can trust that it will fit effortlessly with your existing systems and processes. We understand that quick and complete alignment of your project team is essential to your success. With eCommunication you can simplify the submittal and RFI process and ensure that all construction team members have organized and accurate information. Whether you’re an owner, architect, CM, GC or subcontractor, eCommunication will help you initiate, track and trace project changes as they happen.

The features of eCommunication enable users to communicate effortlessly with other team members and keep projects on track. A few features include:

  • Automated Approval/Review Process—A defined and controlled signoff feature keeps things moving.
  • “Ball in Court” Action Registers—This features clears up any confusion of the status and ownership of the project’s next steps.
  • Built-in Mark-up Tool—This feature allows you to easily mark up or stamp construction documents.
  • Change Order Log—This features allows you to track receipt and viewing of critical information.
  • Integrated Document Vault—This feature allows you to easily browse, view and download documents. You can also specify who can and cannot open certain documents.

Ultimately, this shared workspace creates a streamlined process that enables you and your team to expedite close-out delivery, reduce unnecessary project expenditures and integrate project teams to more effectively deliver projects on-time and on-budget.

If you have any questions about how our eCommunication services can help you effectively manage project information, please don’t hesitate to give us a call. We’re here to help!

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