FAQ: How Can ALGX Best Help Me Find What I Need?


Alabama Graphics is equipped for essentially all your graphic needs, and because we pride ourselves on the work that we do, we want to help you get the best solution for your needs!  In order for us to help, we may ask for a few extra details about your project that may at first seem trivial. As always, clear communication is key.

Here are a few examples of some information we may need from you: 

Where is the graphic going?  Where you plan to use the graphic will determine which products are available. For instance, will the graphic be installed indoors or outdoors? Will it be exposed to direct sunlight? Any placement details you can share with us are much appreciated and will help guarantee you receive the best graphic for your use and space.

How long will it be up? Some materials are better for long-term applications while others are better, and more affordable, for short-term applications. For example, Rigid Displays are better for long-term use, largely due to their durability, and Presentation Boards are better for short-term use.

How big does the graphic need to be? Unfortunately, some of the materials we use for graphics have size limits. In some circumstances, your graphic can be tiled, or we can suggest other options that perhaps you haven’t considered that would work better. Let us help you determine which material will work best for you.

What surface is the graphic being mounted on? In order for us to insure you are getting the correct material, knowing what surface you’re installing it on can help you make the best choice. We have graphic solutions for brick, sheet rock, glass, vehicles and more.​

What is your design/aesthetic goal? Know what look you’re going for. If you’ve found pictures of graphics you like, feel free to share them with us. Depending on your ultimate design goal, we can suggest various graphic solutions. For instance, if you want solid coverage on a window, opaque vinyl is the way to go. If you want to see through your graphic, go with a window perf. If you want your design to have no background, Ready-to-Apply (RTA) Graphics may be a better solution than printing on a clear decal. For a more professional look, we may suggest Plexi or Gatorboard for your walls.

What is your Budget? If it matters, please let us know what you’re working with. Knowing your project budget can open us up to more options or help us offer more affordable options. For example, Plexi may be too pricey for your budget, but Gatorboard is a nice-looking and affordable alternative.

Give us a call today and let us help you choose the most suitable graphic for you!

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