Client Spotlight: American Village

Recently our Account Executive, Lauri Newton, had the opportunity to work with the American Village in Montevallo. The American Village is a recreated Colonial Village in the heart of Alabama that was founded in 1995. It’s an amazing place where children and families can go back in time and learn about our Nation’s history straight from costumed interpreters portraying historical figures such as Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson and Betsy Ross.

The American Village is supported “by citizens and leaders in all walks of life who believe that it is important to teach youth the vital lessons of liberty, to remember the price of liberty, and to prepare new generations of Americans for their roles as stewards of our Constitution and other charters of freedom.”

Our recent project was in the Pettus Randall Miniature Museum of American History. The Miniature Museum of American History was created in 1964 by the late H. Pettus Randall, Jr. as a way to bring United States history to life for American children through a collection of miniature statues depicting important events and people in history. After touring the U.S. and ending up in storage, the collection is now on display at the American Museum.

>>> Here is a picture of the display case we helped them with. We printed the wall boards and floor panel to help make the "ballroom" for the dolls.

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