ALGX Announces Project Solution for AEC Industry

Alabama, OpCenter

We’re excited to share some news with all of our friends in the AEC industry. Alabama Graphics, along with four fellow reprographic companies, has created a program with the sole purpose of helping clients meet their project goals.

Our new upgraded software, OpCenter, provides architects, engineers, general contractors, construction managers and project owners a solution to an obvious problem: orchestrating the flow of time sensitive and project-critical information.

While there are many programs to choose from, our software is intuitive and very easy to navigate with a short learning curve, making you more efficient from the beginning. It has already helped lots of companies streamline their process and was even used during the construction of the Hewitt Trussville Stadium & Sports Complex.

The OpCenter software consists of two main programs: OpCenter Share and OpCenter Build. 

OpCenter Share is a project centric file sharing solution to easily organize, share and track project files in the cloud. OpCenter Share users can collaborate on files with all team members, including photos, videos, plans and As-Built drawings. You’ll also have the ability to preview documents online without downloading the entire file.

OpCenter Build is a SaaS solution for the AEC industry to expedite close-out delivery, reduce unnecessary expenditures on a project and improve collaboration with all relevant stakeholders to more effectively deliver projects on time and on budget.

OpCenter has many features that can greatly benefit any project, including:  

  • Local Support. You and your team are provided with local Construction Information Managers (CIMs), skilled in document management and CDT certified, to assist you throughout the project from design to close-out and beyond.
  • Cloud based and all digital. This means there’s no need to install and register software for each workstation. Automated workflows and the ability to digitally mark-up and stamp documents online, leaves you more time to spend on the actual project.
  • Customized to your job. OpCenter software adapts to the way YOU want to work – not the other way around. Workflows and project terminology can be customized to meet the needs of each project.
  • Helps manage your project from start to finish, or whatever your needs are. OpCenter Share is ideal during the Design Phase, ALGX Plan Room helps during the Bid Phase and OpCenter Build was created to manage everything during the Construction Phase through the Project Close.
  • User-level and folder-level permissions. You have full control over project critical construction documents with advance permission options, the ability to assign roles and monitor activity logs for the entire team.
  • Archiving and Close-Out. Once you’ve completed the project, we simply store it in an online archive, or as an offline searchable digital document with all files, file structure and tracking history just as you left it.
  • Mobile-Friendly. OpCenter goes where your project team goes. Easily access documents, know when the latest version of a file has been updated and invite others to view content from anywhere. The program even sends email notifications to alert your project team of important changes while allowing you to track project activity and revision history in real-time.  

You deserve collaborative construction software that increases your business intelligence, manages project-critical construction information, updates relevant parties to changes in the workflow and mitigates risk to your projects.

For more information on OpCenter and how you can utilize it for your projects, contact Michael Barton at 205-263-1866.