4 Ways to Refresh Your Office Space

Southland International Trucks

Does your office space need a face lift? By refreshing your office space, you’ll not only impress clients, but you’ll also please your employees. Employees who are comfortable and satisfied with their environments will be more engaged, productive, happy and healthy. Fortunately, with the help of Alabama Graphics, you don’t need to be a multi-billion-dollar company to create a cool and inspiring office space for your employees and clients to enjoy. These 4 design ideas will help you refresh your space quickly and cost-effectively:

  1. Brand your space with company signage. It’s important that your office space is recognizable as your own. Company signage is a great way to brand and decorate your space. Consider installing signage in the reception area, hallways or meeting rooms. Using our Zünd Router, we can custom cut letter and shapes with extreme precision. For Sysco, we used gatorboard with a silver-brush finish to create custom, high-end signage at a great price.Sysco_FoyerLogo
  2. Motivate your staff with inspirational wall quotes. Reinforce your company values, beliefs and goals by decorating your walls with motivational quotes made from Ready-to-Apply (RTA) graphics. RTA graphics are individually cut letters in adhesive-backed vinyl,. Many businesses use RTA graphics to display store hours and logos, but they are also a great option for interior wall décor. They can be installed on almost any surface and are available in any font, size or color. Check out the quote we installed for Blackjack Horticulture below!Blackjack Horticulture Word Wall
  3. Name your meeting rooms. For new employees and visitors, it’s helpful to name the meeting rooms around your office. Because they can be installed on doors and windows, RTA graphics work well for this purpose, as well. On Southland Trucking’smeeting room door pictured below, we installed a frost vinyl with the logo cut out, which gave the room some privacy while still displaying the name of the room.Southland Trucking
  4. Conceal blank walls. Blank walls are so bland. Why not add some color to your office space with a custom wallpaper?! Wallpapers are a simple solution for branding and decorating conference rooms and other spaces throughout your office. For example, we have worked with University of Montevallo’s (UM) sports department to produce custom wallpapers for its reception area.ALGX Wallpaper

If you’re ready to spruce up your office space, give us a call today! We’re happy to provide design assistance, as well as printing and installation services.

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